Producers have told us what they want and need in a newsletter service. Grain Market Insider from Stewart-Peterson Inc. is your single source for specific market recommendations for each crop year that are based on extensively researched and tested data-driven trigger points.

Grain Marketing. Demystified.

Your trusted source for grain market commentary, actionable advice, and real-time data to drive your grain marketing decisions.

  • Easy to Read Charts: Clear, custom daily charts offer quick insights into market trends and volatility.
  • Clearly Labeled Action Plan: Gain clarity with our structured approach, making significant actions clear amidst market noise.
  • Become Proactive, Not Reactive: Get 3x daily price updates covering various commodities and markets for timely, proactive, and informed decisions.
  • Action Alerts Delivered Via Text and Email: Stop scouring sources for directional marketing information. We deliver the information to YOU.

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A Legacy of Trust
We at Stewart-Peterson are proud of the service we’ve provided to our customers over our 35+ years. Our longevity speaks for itself.

Structured Proprietary Approach
We refuse to use the “seat of the pants” analysis our industry has historically relied upon. We take our marketing decisions to the next level by using statistics and data-driven analytics.

Constantly Evolving
Our ongoing quest is to provide you with better recommendations each marketing year. We research every supply and demand number, technical indicators, past price patterns, and the dynamics of how to market a crop to protect your future.

You and Your Farm
You deserve thoroughly researched, disciplined, and consistent market recommendations. Our mission is to provide trustworthy recommendations you can rely on and easily implement.

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